ESO Guides For Leveling, Builds, Crafting & More

September 9th, 2014

ESO guides may not be crucial to your game experience, but they can definitely help turn a good experience into a great one. Guides allow you to unlock hidden areas, get the most out of your craft, and avoid xp grinding. All things that make your gameplay more enjoyable.


Guides for leveling include detailed information on finding Sky Shards, hidden quests and dungeons, and other keys to leveling quickly and building a powerful character. They will also tell you what quests and dungeons you can afford to skip, and have tips for getting through tough areas as quickly as possible


Of all the ESO guide books, build guides are most important for a new player. Leveling, crafting, and walk throughs are all well and good, but if your level 30 character is getting tripped up by level 28 quests, you have a problem. A well built character can easily take on quests two levels above them, but ESO’s extremely flexible system makes it far to easy to make a bad character whose skills and abilities interfere with each other, rather than support each other. A build guide will help you learn how to create a powerful character in any class or race.



Crafting is critical to ESO. In fact, unlike other MMOs, eso player guides routinely include detailed sections on crafting. This is because the only way to get truly epic equipment in ESO is to craft if yourself, or buy it from a player who crafted it. You won’t find the best stuff in drops or NPC vendors. Since there are no crafting teachers in ESO, a crafting guide can help you a lot with figuring out recipes, learning how to craft, and finding the hidden crafting sites that give items made there a unique bonus ability.


Many other guides are available from an eso comprehensive guide to alliance guides, PvP guides, and even gold guides. Depending on your preferred playstyle and class, you may find one guide that suits your needs or several. But whatever you are looking for from ESO, you will find guides here that will help you enjoy the game to the fullest. So take a look around, pick up a guide or two, and enjoy your game.

See you on the Ruby Throne.

Find The Best ESO Dragon Knight Builds

September 3rd, 2014

Looking for Eso dragon knight builds? You’ve come to the right place. ESO Mastery is proud to offer some of the best eso guides available.

Dragonknights are a fun and powerful class to play. The closest ESO has to a straight “fighter” class, you can play your DK as a pure fighter or a mage-fighter depending on the skills you choose to focus on. The DKs fighting skills are powerful enough to create an epic character all on their own. The ability to mix and match fighting and mage-type skills create an extreme level of flexibility in character building, practically unheard of in MMOs.

The problem with all this flexibility is that the more flexible a character system is the easier it is to create a character that just doesn’t work. The restricted character systems of other MMOs don’t allow you much variation, but you can be reasonable sure anything you build will work reasonably well. A poorly built ESO character will not hold up as the levels increase.

Having an eso dragon knight guide can help you avoid broken builds. This guide helps you in several ways.

First, it contains a wide range of DK builds you can use as-is to create your character. Just follow the instructions to build epic DK characters for any playstyle or race. From ESO dragonknight dps build to tank, to PvP, you can find it here.

Second, you can find instructions for modifying existing builds. Learn to customize builds so you can make them fit with your preferred play style and game focus, while still keeping the build as powerful as ever. Create your own build variations based on builds in the guide, or other builds you find online. With the flexibility of ESO there is no reason to stay shackled to pre-built builds when you can modify them for your own use.

Finally, learn how to create your own ESO DragonKnight build from scratch. Learn what races work best with which skills, how skills can combine synergistically, ways to determine which equipment will enhance your DK and which will hamper it. Everything you need to know about building an epic DK from scratch.

ESO, like all MMOs, can be a fun game, and a frustrating one. With this guide you’ll be able to build the kind of character you want, so the focus of your play is on the fun, and not the frustrating.

The Fastest ESO Levelling Guide

September 1st, 2014

You’ve probably been playing ESO for a few months now. You’ve played through the beginning quests a few times, made to level 50, or even max level. You’ve had fun. Now you want to try out a new character. Trade in your sorcerer for a nightblade maybe, or see how well an ebonheart dragonknight works. But you really, really don’t want to spend hours slogging through the beginning quests again, “take this message here, find this guy over there, hunt down these, and solve that.” The stuff barely held your attention the first time through, right?

What you need is an eso levelling guide, to get you past the quests that have you going “OMG, this again?” and onto the interesting, challenging, and possibly (hopefully!) new quests available at higher levels. A good leveling guide won’t rush you through the game, because rushing through ESO is a good way to miss the Sky Shards, side quests and crafting levels you need to make the most of your character at higher levels. If you are expecting to be able to just plow through quests, level up and move on, you may be disappointed. However, you can level quickly if you know what quests and detours you need to take, and which you can skip.

Basically, learning how to level fast ESO isn’t about getting through guests as fast as possible, its about learning to be selective in what you do. A leveling guide is as much an ESO Questing guide as a traditional leveling guide, taking you through the things you need to do, and helping you avoid the things you can skip.

At ESO Mastery, you will find the fastest leveling guide anywhere. You can pick up a guide just for your preferred alliance, for instance, an ESO Ebonheart Leveling Guide, or get leveling guides for all of Tamriel. Choose any race, and class, you’ll find the information you need to play through the lower levels of ESO as quickly as possible and get to the fun stuff at the higher levels.

The low level quests can make enjoying a new character difficult. By getting through those quests as quickly as possible, you’ll be able to focus on building the character you want, and not the slog it takes to get them.